New EC in Yishun Avenue 9
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The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has a residential site in Yishun Avenue 9 as part of Government Land Sales (GLS) in the quarter 2021. This land parcel is bounded by Yishun Avenue 6, Yishun Avenue 8 and Yishun Avenue 9, Northern Region of Singapore, under Yishun Planning Area. It is listed under confirmed list of sites and is allocated to be developed into a private residential condominium.

New site has an area of 231,585 square feet of land and is expected to house approximately 715 apartments units.

New EC at Yishun Avenue 9 launching in 2022
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New Condo in Yishun Avenue 9- Amenities
New and upcoming condo in Yishun Avenue 9 is located within short walking distance to Juntion 9 where residents can access to its food court, supermarket, restaurants and also the retail shops with its 3 storey of retail podium with 129 shops and 17 restaurants
. Yishun Central has an integrated hub, North Point Citycomprising of an air conditioned bus interchange, dining, shopping, entertainment and leisure facilities are all under 1 development. This development has an estimated retail space of 360,000 square feet. This will provide more options to future residents of new condo in Yishun Avenue 9, in terms of dining, eating, leisure and entertainment facilities.

Future residents of new condo at Yishun Avenue 9 can explore the neighbourhood mall, they can head down to Chong Pang City, a famous neighbourhood cluster of shophouses, wet market and food centre. Residents of New and upcoming condo in Yishun Avenue 9 can find many fresh market produces and cheap and local delicacies over at the Chong Pang Market & Food Centre. The upcoming Yishun Food Centre which will be located along Yishun Avenue 9 will provide a wide array of selection for new condo at Yishun Avenue 9 future residents when it is completed.

New Condo in Yishun Avenue 9- Connectivity
New and upcoming condo in Yishun Avenue 9 is approximately 1.2 km away from the town centre, where Yishun North South Line Station and Yishun Bus Terminal are located. This comprehensive public transport system provides seamless traveling for residents to downtown Singapore and various parts of the island. The nearby expressways are the Seletar Expressway (SLE) and the Tampines Expressway (TPE) and the Central Expressway (CTE) which help to ease future residents when driving to different parts of Singapore.

New Condo in Yishun Avenue 9- Education
Established schools such as Xishan Primary School, Chongfu Primary School, Huamin Primary School, North View Primary School, Yishun Primary School, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, Northland Primary School, Jiemin Primary School, Northland Secondary School, Yishun Town Secondary School, North View Secondary School, Northbrooks Secondary School, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, Yishun Secondary School, Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) and Yishun Junior College, are just within close proximity to condo at Yishun Avenue 9.

Indulging a tranquil and serene lifestyle
here in Yishun Avenue 9
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Project  New Condo in Yishun Avenue 9
Location  Yishun Avenue 9 (Yishun Planning Area)
District  27
Tenure  99 years leasehold
Site Area  21,514.8 square metres/ 231,585 square feet
GFA:  60,242 square metres/ 648,444 square feet
Plot Ratio  2.8
Expected TOP:
Total Units  Approximately 715 residential units
Total Carpark
Development  Private Condo comprising of communal facilities
Unit Type:
Eligibility  SPRl / SPRs / Foreigners can buy 


YIshun avenue 9

Amenities Near New condo at YIshun Avenue 9

Category Important Amenities Near New condo at Yishun Avenue 9 Approximate Distance
Train Stations Yishun (NS13) 1.2km
Bus Stop Opp Blk 254 (Bus: 811)
Blk 254(Bus: 811)
Supermarkets Fairprice (239 Yishun)
Giant (293 Yishun)
Cold Storage (Northpoint)
Sheng Siong (925 Yishun)
Shopping Malls Junction 9 (U/C)
Northpoint Shopping Centre
Education Institutions Preschool
PCF Nee Soon East Blk 312
PCF Nee Soon Central Blk 367
PCF Nee Soon East Blk 227-223-225-234
PCF Nee Soon East Blk 277
PCF Nee Soon East Blk 408
Darul Makmur Mosque Kindergarten
Iman Kindergarten (Yishun)
PCF Nee Soon Central Blk 737-738
PCF Chong Pang Blk 122
PCF Nee Soon Central Blk 646-644
Xishan Primary School
Chongfu Primary School
Huamin Primary School
North View Primary School
Yishun Primary School
Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School
Northland Primary School
Jiemin Primary School
Northland Secondary School
Yishun Town Secondary School
North View Secondary School
Northbrooks Secondary School
Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School
Yishun Secondary School
Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)
Junior College
Yishun Junior College 1.9km
Nanyang Polytechnic 6.1km
Chatsworth International (Jalan Kayu) 5.8km
Food Centre Yishun Food Centre (U/C)
Chong Pang Market & Food Centre
Lifestyle Safra Yishun Country Club
Yishun Park


The Facilities and Site plan of new condo launch at Yishun Avenue 9 are currently seeking approval from relevant authorities.

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Singapore’s property market has one of the best long term returns on equity performance out of most investment instruments available.

And that has to do largely with the strength of the Singapore dollar, the availability of high leverage, and the attraction of Singapore to the international audience, not just as a region to invest in, but as an asset class on its own.

The Singapore Income growth index has increased over the years and reached an equilibrium with the property price index. Unlike during the mid 2000s, property prices increased to a level which was out of reach to many Singaporeans. This makes prices of condo affordable and per month debt repayment manageable. With an average household income of S$13,000, a couple can choose to purchase a condo price at $2.3m. A good size 3 bedrooms cost around S$1.6m in today's market. Debt ratio versus income has dropped. The drop in interest rate has further reduced the per month repayment.
Not only has income in Singapore grown over the years, the household liabilities has dropped significantly for the past decade as well while the property price index held stagnant since the tightening of measures in 2013, TDSR was implemented. Property price index had been stagnant. We had lost 7 years of property prices growth. 
During this time, Singapore has structured itself also with a younger working population. This is important as the younger generation are able to drive better our GDP and as well as our consumption growth. Our GDP growth has well exceeded our property price growth during this period. 


Before you embark on searching for your investment property, it is important to have gone through this checklist below.

1. Finances

We will advise about your finances to understand the initial cash/Central Provident Fund (CPF) outlay required.

Having an experienced third party do an assessment would help you prevent costly beginner mistakes that could seriously hamper your journey to financial freedom.

We will help you assess the minimum cash and CPF required for the down payment, buyer stamp duties, legal fees and miscellaneous costs, as well as advise you on an investment road map for the best acquisition strategy as you progress along and acquire more properties.

2. Loan eligibility

The current Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) framework makes it especially important for investors to check on their maximum loan eligibility so that there are no nasty surprises after placing a deposit.

In this case, this should be one of your priorities early on and we will assist you on this.

3. Manner of holding

For investors who already own an HDB flat or private home and are acquiring their second property, we will advise you on the various options available to optimise tax savings (which can be significant) and qualify you for more funding options.

This is especially important for those who intend to grow their portfolio of properties and would require access to higher leverage and lower costs.

4. Investment goal and horizon

Having a clear idea of your investment goal horizon helps you narrow down the segments you should focus on; saving you precious time and energy.


– Are you investing in properties to provide a consistent source of passive income?

In this case, focus on areas with low vacancy rates and a high tenant catchment pool.

– Are you investing in properties short term to ride the market trend?

In this case, are you financially prepared to hold on in case a black swan event occurs?

– Are you investing in properties with en bloc potential?

In this case, are you well advised on which properties have genuine potential?

Not all old properties have en bloc-ability.

After going through the above points, the following are factors that have served me and my clients well in the past as an investment criteria checklist.


Yishun Master Plan 1

Yishun Master Plan

Best described as a family-oriented town, Yishun in the North Region of Singapore, provides a comprehensive suite of amenities for all ages. Over the next 5 years, Yishun will be reinvigorated with new malls, hawker centres and cycling paths while the transport infrastructure will be enhanced to improve connectivity for residents

New Condo at Yishun Avenue 9- Housing: More amenities for better living
With its wide range of facilities and pleasant neighbourhoods, Yishun continues to attract many new residents. In the coming years, new housing areas in the southern and eastern parts of Yishun will be developed progressively, providing greater options for potential home owners. More facilities will also be added to create a better living environment for residents:

  • An integrated transport hub in the town centre that will incorporate a bus interchange, shopping mall, community club and a town plaza
  • A community hospital, which will complement Khoo Teck Puat Hospital next door
  • Two new nursing homes along Yishun Central and Yishun Ring Road will serve the needs of our elderly residents
  • A new hawker centre next to Yishun Park will provide more places for eating out
  • More childcare facilities
  • Retail shops and eating houses will be conveniently located near housing estates
  • A foreign system school will be developed at Yishun Avenue 6

New Condo at Yishun Avenue 9- Leisure: New reasons to love the outdoors
Already enjoying easy access to Lower Seletar Reservoir, Yishun Park and a number of smaller parks, Yishun residents can look forward to more green spaces for recreation as well as better connections between the many parks within Yishun and other green spaces further away:

  • The Round Island Route will provide residents with fresh ways to explore the nature spots of other towns island-wide
  • The new Springleaf Park will serve those living in Yishun South
  • The addition of more neighbourhood parks and green spaces
  • The expansion of the park connector network in Yishun will link residents to more parks

New Condo at Yishun Avenue 9- Transport: Faster, alternative routes
Travelling downtown or to other regions of Singapore will be faster with the following road improvements and enhancements to public transport, including:

  • The new Springleaf MRT station along the upcoming Thomson Line will give residents in Springleaf Estate direct access to MRT network
  • The new road, Yishun Avenue 8, will connect to Seletar West Link to provide an alternative route to the Central, Tampines and Seletar expressways
  • The junction of Lentor Avenue and Yishun Avenue1 will be improved to enable smoothertraffic flow
  • The extensive cycling routes will enable convenient access to the town centre, MRT stations, amenities and nearby towns

*Expansion of CTE/TPE/SLE interchange and construction of road between TPE and Yishun Ave 6

Construction of New Road between TPE and Yishun Avenue 6

Completion Date: 4th quarter 2015

The expansion of Central Expressway (CTE), Tampines Expressway (TPE), and Seletar Expressway (SLE) Interchange is the first phase of the project. This project will improve connectivity between Yishun Town, the new Seletar Aerospace Park (SAP) and the expressway network.

Four new flyovers will also be constructed.

In addition, we will create five new road connections to improve the connectivity between the expressway and the road network:

  1. From Seletar West Link to CTE;
  2. From CTE to Seletar West Link;
  3. From Seletar West Link to Yio Chu Kang Road;
  4. From Yio Chu Kang Road to Seletar West Link; and
  5. From TPE (Westbound) to Seletar West Link

The Yio Chu Kang Flyover will also be widened from three lanes to four lanes in both directions.  On top of that, an additional lane will be added in both directions for the stretch of TPE between Seletar Flyover and SAP, and for the stretch of SLE between Seletar Flyover and Lentor Avenue.

The new road link between Yishun Avenue 1 to Yishun Avenue 6 and the widening of Seletar West Link is the second phase of the project.  As part of this new road link, we will remark a stretch of Yishun Avenue 1 from dual 1-lane to three lanes in the direction towards TPE and two lanes in the direction towards Yishun. We will widen the existing Seletar West Link from dual 1-lane to dual 3-lanes.

Once completed, motorists who travel from Yishun Town to CTE, for instance, could save up to 10 minutes of travelling time. There will also be better traffic conditions along Lentor Avenue and Yishun Avenue 2.

New Condo at Yishun Avenue 9- Economy: More jobs near home
Residents of Yishun will benefit from employment opportunities in future developments close to home:

  • Integrated transport hub at Yishun town centre and mixed-use development at Yishun Avenue 9
  • Industrial developments along Yishun Avenue 6 and Gambas Avenue


New and Upcoming condo in Yishun Avenue 9

Government Land Sales GLS

Land bid land parcel site

Yishun Avenue 9 land is not sold yet

This site is developing


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